UK struggles to understand riots

Photo Courtesy The Guardian UK

England’s worst riots in decades have spread across the country, to northern cities like Manchester Liverpool and Birmingham.

Police have made more than 1100 arrests since the violence broke out in London on  the weekend, triggered by the shooting death by police of Mark Duggan.  Now the flames have been fueled Britain’s Independent Police Complaints Commission saying there’s no evidence that Duggan fired on police first – as had been claimed.

But as well riots, the debate continues to rage about just what triggered this mass outpouring of anger from the country’s youth – are they badly behaved thugs,  or the unemployed and working poor reacting to austerity measures as predicted in a youtube video by Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg back  in April 2010?

Catherine Zengerer speaks with Dr Binoy Kampmark, Lecturer in the School of Global Studies, Social Science and Planning at RMIT University in Melbourne.

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This story first appeared on The Wire.

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