More jobs to go as Qantas CEO Alan Joyce wields the axe

Picture: Leahy

Qantas has revealed 500 workers will lose their jobs across the country, mainly in the catering and engineering sectors, with more expected.

Around 150 jobs in Adelaide are among the initial 500 jobs to be lost, with 200 of the immediate job losses to be in Victoria and a further 1,000 are at risk in that state.

Today Qantas announced an 83 per cent slump in its half-yearly profit. The airline blamed the loss on higher fuel costs and industrial action.

Qantas says the impact of lost passenger revenues and forward bookings prior to the grounding cost the airline $95 million, while the direct impact of the grounding cost $70 million.

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon says the only person at Qantas who deserves to lose their job is Qantas CEO Alan Joyce.

Catherine Zengerer asks President of the Australian and International Pilots Association, Barry Jackson, whether this was expected as part of Qantas streamlining its business operations.


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This story first appeared on Your Rights at Night

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