Hurricane Sandy wreaks havoc – but is it due to climate change?

“Nature is an awful lot more powerful than we are” – that’s the message from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg as the death toll from superstorm Hurricane Sandy hits 46 and could rise further. US President Barack Obama has now declared major disasters in New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut, and is promising the US government will do all it can to help local authorities cope with damage.

At over 1600 kms wide Hurricane Sandy covers a huge area, and it’s impact is being felt by an estimated 50-60 million people. But how much do we know about this kind of superstorm and how much is climate change playing a part?

Catherine Zengerer speaks to Tamara Braunstein from The American Red Cross to find out how they are coping with the influx of people in need of shelter, and with Kevin Walsh, Associate Professor of Meteorology at the University of Melbourne, to find out whether climate change contributed to Sandy’s intensity and timing.


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This story first appeared on The Wire

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