Australia’s economy at risk if we fail to act on climate change

CEDAAt the upcoming G20 forum in Australia 19 countries plus the European Union will discuss their future economic prospects and and any threats to our prosperity. Missing from the agenda though, is climate change, which the Committee for Economic Development of Australia says poses a serious threat to our economy. In a report released today CEDA argues that falling behind on reducing greenhouse gas emissions leaves Australia’s economy vulnerable, and it is business and the community who will pay the price.

CEDA CEO, Stephen Martin, says it is inappropriate for Australian businesses to assume the international response to regulate and control emissions will have no influence on their activities. He is calling for the government to take stronger action on climate change, and wants to see a National Risk Register established to help business assess the likely impact of climate change such as increasing extreme weather events, droughts and bush fires.

Featured in story
Professor The Honourable Stephen Martin, Chief Executive, CEDA

This story first appeared on The Wire

The Economics of Climate Change 2014 Report

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