About Catherine

CZ2014_squarefor linkedinCatherine works in the media as a radio producer & broadcaster. She is currently Executive Producer of flagship programs The Wire and On the Money at Radio 2SER in Sydney. She also freelances as a publicist, media trainer, MC & facilitator with her business, Uncanny Media which she co-founded in 2011.

Passionate about social justice, human rights, the environment, Indigenous issues and the arts, Catherine relishes being immersed in current affairs; she loves to cover stories not told in the mainstream.

At Uncanny Media she’s a communications specialist, and regularly organises, MC’s and facilitates events, which is a role she really enjoys.  Catherine has a particular focus on working with not-for-profit groups and individuals.

At 2SER she trains journalism students in all aspects of radio production.

Catherine is a self-confessed social media addict and loves promoting new ideas and playing with new ways to communicate.

catherine@uncannymedia.com.au | 0400 302 062

More about Catherine…

Catherine was bitten by the radio bug when she joined Your Rights at Night, a union show on Radio Adelaide  in 2006 and went on to produce other programs for Radio Adelaide including The Daily Interview and The Wire. While her hometown is Adelaide she now works at 2SER Radio in Sydney where she is Executive Producer of The Wire and On the Money.

Nursing, working for the union movement, campaigning for action on climate change and running art exhibitions are just some of the things Catherine has turned her hand to, but the common thread has always been connecting with people in the community, and she sees radio as a natural extension of that.

Catherine is a passionate supporter of art, local craft, film and live music and can regularly be seen at exhibitions, live music venues and festivals of all varieties.

8 thoughts on “About Catherine

    1. Thanks Di – I try not to think about all there is to be done… or my brain will explode!!!
      Cheers and keep up the great work at your end of the river

  1. Well, the things you find out about people… fab website Catherine – and all the work you do is just great too! People like you keep me motivated, cheers!

  2. So thrilled that your stories & interests have a home here. Lot more exposure!
    There’s no limit to your energy & talents.

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