The Chaser team take on election 2016

charles-firth1If you watched last night’s leaders’ debate between Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, you wouldn’t have been alone in thinking it was boring and over-scripted. But don’t give up on watching the election campaign just yet. With five weeks to go until the election, the Chaser team are back to spice things up – not only on TV with their ‘Election Desk’, but in print as well. The Chaser Quarterly is back, teaming up with SBS’ The Shovel team to produce an election special edition. Managing Editor and Chaser troublemaker, Charles Firth, gave me a peek inside.


The degrading of a Prime Minister

gravityWhen a political leader breaks ground, their role is bound to be examined and analysed, with judgement ultimately cast in history books yet to be written. When that leader is Julia Gillard, the intrigue, scheming and sheer nastiness that surrounded her reign only adds to the desire to understand just how things went so wrong for our first female Prime Minister. So how will history judge Julia? And who was the person behind the “Ice Queen” persona?

This is what former Victorian Labor MP and author Mary Delahunty wanted to find out. Luckily for her, she was granted unique access to the PM in her last year in office. She got to see Julia Gillard in both public and private moments,and ask her how she kept going in the face of relentless degrading abuse.

Featured in story: Author and journalist Mary Delahunty

This story first appeared on The Wire