Tony Abbott in trouble and turmoil in QLD

campbelltonyPrime Minister Tony Abbott was in campaigning mode as he faced the National Press Club today, campaigning not to win an election but to keep his position as Leader. With promises that he has listened and learned when it comes to his “Captain’s Calls” on parental leave and Knighthoods, Abbott was hoping his return to core messages on stopping the boats and scrapping the carbon tax would be enough to shore up public support. But the media aren’t so confident. The media were confident though, that the LNP would win in Queensland regardless of whether Campbell Newman lost his seat – so how did they get it so wrong?

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National Affairs Correspondent for New Matilda, Ben Eltham
Margo Kingston, Executive Editor, No Fibs

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US and China strike historic deal on greenhouse gas reductions

As the APEC Summit in Beijing wraps up, China and the US were saving the best til last, with a major press conference announcing an agreement on reducing greenhouse gases in an historic move by the two nations. The Chinese have committed to set a target for its emissions of to peak by around 2030, while the US set a goal to cut emissions by 26 to 28 per cent below 2005 levels by 2025.
The move is in stark contrast to Tony Abbott’s announcement that he wants to cut Australia’s renewable energy target by forty percent.
Photo: South China Morning Post
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Pilots take on Fair Work Australia over Qantas action

The pilot’s union launched federal court action today to challenge Fair Work Australia’s decision to end their industrial action against the company. Fair Work Australia terminated union industrial action last month, after the airline grounded all its aircraft during a dispute over pay, conditions and job security.

Australian and International Pilots Association President, Barry Jackson, told Catherine Zengerer the basis for their federal court action.



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Unemployment jumps but Jobs Minister says all ok

Unemployment has risen to 5.1% after the loss of 22,200 full-time jobs in July – its highest level since November last year.

According to data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics today, the number of people employed in full-time work dropped by a seasonally-adjusted 22,200 in July.

Jobs Minister CHRIS EVANS says Australia’s unemployment rate remains comparatively low and is still the envy of the world, but Opposition Leader TONY ABBOTT says federal government plans to return the budget to surplus in 2012-13 will be just “a dream” by the weekend.

For analysis of today’s poltics, Catherine Zengerer speaks with Crikey’s Canberra Correspondent, Bernard Keane.

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Murray Darling Basin Plan delayed again

The Murray Darling Basin Plan has been delayed yet again, after NSW and Victorian governments put pressure on the Authority not to go ahead with the release planned for this month. They say there’s still debate about the modelling, which outraged farmers last year when the Authority initially proposed buybacks of 3500 gigalitres of water.

Greens Senator and Spokesperson for water, Sarah Hanson-Young, says the delay is yet another example of state interests overriding the national interest when it comes to water. But Professor Mike Young, Executive Director of The Environment Institute at The University of Adelaide, has hopes for a new solution to the drawn-out debate.

This story first appeared on The Wire.

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