Bob Carr on Bill Shorten, a federal ICAC, and the fallout from Brexit

Bob Carr and Catherine ZengererBob Carr was a former NSW Premier, Labor Foreign Minister and is now Director of the Australia China Relations Institute at UTS. He’s seen what Labor and federal politics looks like from the inside, and in his  role as Foreign Minister has handled delicate negotiations with political leaders the world over. I caught up with him to discuss the making of Bill Shorten this election, whether he supports a federal ICAC and what the fallout from the Brexit could look like for Australia.

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US and China strike historic deal on greenhouse gas reductions

As the APEC Summit in Beijing wraps up, China and the US were saving the best til last, with a major press conference announcing an agreement on reducing greenhouse gases in an historic move by the two nations. The Chinese have committed to set a target for its emissions of to peak by around 2030, while the US set a goal to cut emissions by 26 to 28 per cent below 2005 levels by 2025.
The move is in stark contrast to Tony Abbott’s announcement that he wants to cut Australia’s renewable energy target by forty percent.
Photo: South China Morning Post
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The Next Convergence – the future of economic growth in a multi-speed economy

The global economy is changing, faster than it ever has in history. The economic giants of the US, Europe and Japan are giving way to the population giants of China and India. And it’s not just their population that’s exploding. With growth of an amazing 10%, these two nations are set to become economies four times the size of the US. But what does this shift in economic power mean for the world? And can the planet sustain the massive growth of emerging economies? Nobel laureate economist Michael Spence has been exploring these issues in his book The Next Convergence – the future of economic growth in a multi-speed economy. The Next Convergence is published by The University of Western Australia Press.

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This story first appeared on The Wire